kiki’s was founded in 2009 by Esther Ilsink-Steijn, when she had the opportunity to become The African Cane Co's agent for Harare. Her idea was to set the top quality Zimbabwe made cane furniture into an environment of 'The Best of Zimbabwe'. This has turned out to be an inspiring platform for amazing artists and craftsmen from all over the country.

Harare can be a challenging place for shoppers to find their way. A lot of the country's gems are only discovered through word of mouth. Umwinsidale has always been a part of Harare where creative people reside and find inspiration from its natural beauty. This has led to a variety of homesteads opening their doors to the public to share the beauty of their surroundings and the owners' artistic works and collections. Esther says, "We are very fortunate to live in Umwinsidale and it was an obvious choice for me to make kiki's part of the Umwinsidale meander."

With an eye for detail and exquisite taste, Esther’s interest in interiors has always been more than following fashion; she is passionate about movement, fusing old and new, and combining different materials and styles. New stock arrives at the gallery all the time, from a variety of up and coming artists as well as regular kiki’s favourites.